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Story is my sandbox. I work day in and day out to elevate others' stories to new heights, molding and shaping them to a mass market. Whether it be expanding upon the stories of the past, or helping to tell the stories of the future, my goal as a creative producer is to provide storytellers with the tools and opportunities to grow.


I grew up in rural Connecticut before packing my bags and moving to Savannah, GA. My love for the film industry and empowering creatives lead me down the path of producing. I currently reside in Los Angeles, CA.


I specialize in franchise development, striving to work with companies and studios to grow their intellectual properties into transmedia universes. I am currently developing independent motion pictures at 507 Collective. 

In the past two years I have heavily explored virtual production, being one of the first students in the world to work with an LED Volume at my university, the Savannah College of Art and Design. I majored in Film and Television with a double minor in Producing for Film and Media and Business Collaboration. 


Click here to view my full resume.

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